Raw Honey: What’s the difference?

Raw Honey natural Antioxidants

Raw honey contains minerals amino acids, enzymes, natural antioxidants, and vitamins. These healthy raw honey benefits can vary greatly depending on the flower source the nectar is gathered from. The study of spores and pollens in raw honey (known as melissopalynology) can determine flower source that the nectar of every raw honey.

Raw Honey has health qualities that include antiseptic, digestion aid and promoting burn healing.

Raw honey also contains many of the trace minerals needed to sustain a healthy body including selenium, phosphorous, zinc, chromium, potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and calcium.

Nutraceuticals have been discovered in raw honey. Nutraceuticals are important nutrients that provide the necessary building blocks for the complete functions of a healthy immune system and provides benefits in addition to those benefits found in regular metabolic activity by assisting in the neutralizing free radicals destruction in the body.
Nobel Laureate winner twice, Dr. Linus Pauling, declared “one could trace every ailment and every disease to a mineral deficiency.” Even though 99% of the human body is made up of minerals, the minerals are usually over¬looked when nutrition is being considered. “…the human body must have a minimum of 60 minerals in order to maintain an ailment and disease free state.” Gary Price Todd, M.D. Raw honey provides many critical minerals, the key nutrients, for many biological processes needed to maintain wellbeing, and a good healthy immune system. Raw honey contains the important trace mineral selenium that is a vital antioxidant in the tissues of the body that assists the support of an optimal cardio-protective balance and also supports a healthy immune system.

Raw honey can be used as an alternative to artificial and processed sugars and raw honey can be used in most recipes that call for sugar. Raw Honey can be used to cook with and tastes sweet with unique flavor to each variety of flower that the nectar was gathered from.

Raw Honey has Potent Antioxidants that Can Destroy Free Radicals

Raw Honey contains a number of effective antioxidants that neutralize damage by free radicals. Antioxidants can be purchased in the local health food store, but the antioxidants that do the best job in your body come from the natural foods we eat. Raw honey contains some of the same antioxidants found in green leafy vegetables. Although you cannot substitute raw honey for your vegetables, you can enjoy the benefits of potent antioxidants found in raw honey naturally. Food born antioxidants are the most effective way to eliminate damaging free radicals in the body. Raw honey contains at least three powerful antioxidants:

    Flavonoids are strong antioxidants that increase energy and balance the immune system.
    • Antioxidant (flavonoid) pinocembrin is thought to be unique to honey, optimizing health benefits.
    • Antioxidant (flavonoid) pinostrobin supports and promotes healthy enzyme activity.
    • Antioxidant ladened organic acids sustain raw honey with a slight acidic pH that supports good health and digestion.
    • Raw honey also has Amino acids that are nature’s protein building blocks.

“Natural” labeled honey is misleading and not necessarily healthy and useful. All honey starts as natural honey. But when commercially processed, natural honey is cooked until it is devoid of most of its minerals, nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants. The healthful benefits are only completely available in raw honey. Honey comb honey is raw honey, honey that has not been heated over 118 degrees F. is raw honey. All other honeys have had their health benefits greatly reduced or eliminated.

Commercial processed honey has had the critical phytonutrients of raw honey, filtered out by high pressure pumps and micron strainers. Phytonutrients in raw honey include healthy byproducts such as:

    • Propolis or “bee glue”, (used in the hive to glue the frames and hive bodies together), propolis is a gummy substance full of enzymes, created by the bees when they add their own proteins with tree sap and other plant resins.
    • Enzyme and protein packed pollen, carried by bees in tiny pouches on their back legs as they collect pollen for food for juvenile bees.

Propolis and pollen contain large amounts of antioxidant compounds, which healthy bodies convert to strong immune systems. Raw honey contains minute particles of wax, propolis and pollen that are nutrient rich additions to the healthy qualities of raw honey. Most raw honey can be held up to the light to see the small particles suspended in the honey. If the honey looks crystal clear, there is a 90% chance that it has been pasteurized and high pressure filtered, removing most of the healthy benefits normally found in raw honey.

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