Raw Honey: What’s the difference?

Raw Honey Buzz

Raw honey buzz by definition is raw Honey as it is stored in the beehive honey combs, raw honey spun out of the frames by the extractor, or straining without the raw honey reaching 120 °F or more. Raw honey below 120 °F flows very slow, resists straining and therefore may contain some particles of wax, pollen and propolis. It is inconvenient, more labor intensive, more time consuming, and as a consequence is far more expensive to process raw honey at this low temperature.

Raw honey is preferred by health conscious consumers because the beneficial enzymes in raw honey aid digestion, general good health and is the core component to hundreds of honey remedies. Raw honey has become very rare on the open market as honey supplies dwindle because of the mysterious honey bee disappearance through colony collapse disorder, fewer beekeepers, disease and theft. Smaller beekeeping companies are more apt to cater to a raw honey market. Commercial beekeepers can sell their entire honey crop by processing it quickly, and pasteurizing it to prevent a possibility of fermentation. Beehive theft has become rampant throughout the farming areas as beehive rentals for pollination of fruits, nuts and vegetables reach a high of $175 for 30 days of honeybee presence while the farmed crop blooms. The thief is seldom the beekeeper who wants to take excessive time and energy to produce a raw honey product (for a marginal increase per pound) when he could sell all the honey and get his money quickly and move on.

Raw honey contains all the natural components of raw honey including trace minerals, pollen, amino acids, vitamins, live enzymes, propolis, and antioxidants that are considered essential for good health. Many claims are made by processors saying they have a raw honey product. Very few have taken the precautions outlined above to process honey with heat under 120 °F. The key to finding quality raw honey is finding someone who has a record of selling a raw honey for a sustained period of years with many satisfied customers.

The best raw honey is always the honeys that are best for you. Most honey is a blend of several types of honey. A prudent beekeeper can harvest individual nectar from a single kind of flower source. This monofloral honey can be processed raw and becomes a Gourmet Raw Honey. This is the premium of all honey. Wine can taste distinctly different depending upon the grape or fruit that it is made from. Gourmet Raw Honey can have the same distinct different taste depending on the flower that produced the nectar.

N-Ergetics Gourmet Raw Honey is the premium gift to yourself.
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