Raw Honey: What’s the difference?

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Benefits of Raw Honey

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Benefits of raw honey has been characterized as remedy and medicinal for both internal and external use. Most of the benefits of raw honey are derived from raw honey that has not been pasteurized, or heated above 120°. No other single food holds the value that honey encapsulates. Honey has every nutrient including water to sustain life without outside sustenance. Beneficial enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients are combined in raw honey to provide for a natural and harmful treatment for many ailments of the human body. The benefits of raw honey, range from helping weak bones, burn healings, digestion, and open wound sterilization.

Calcium absorption and hemoglobin count can be increased by the use of raw honey to prevent anemia, while helping arthritic joints honey when combined with apple cider vinegar. Other benefits of raw honey are to fight respiratory infections including colds, flues, allergies, while boosting the immune system, hates in the healing of ulcers. Some raw honey benefits are:  

A general laxative overcoming constipation, while providing valuable minerals and vitamins to our diet. Regular raw honey users find that their symptoms of insomnia are replaced with restful sleep. When raw honey is applied infected wounds bytes for strings. You’ll notice that the antiseptic properties of raw honey drawing infection or poison from the wounds and is also known to seal the wound from many airborne contaminants.

Researchers found that raw honey has outperformed antibiotics for stomach ulcers, corneas, surgical wound infections, skin grafts, gangrene and the protection of bones for blood vessels during shipment and storage.

Another of the benefits of raw honey shows that honey contains a natural antibiotic that kills microbes and work against parasites and bacteria. Applying honey topically speeding the healing of damaged or infected tissues found to be deceased or traumatized. The enzymes minerals and vitamins aid in the healing of these topical wounds.

The least known of the benefits of raw honey is the ability if raw honey to eliminate
Free Radicals in the body. A teaspoon of raw honey a day raises blood levels of needed protective antioxidant compounds in humans. According to research presented March 28, 2004 at the American Chemical Society in Anaheim, CA by Heidrun Gross, Biochemist and associates from the University of California.

Only Raw honey should be used to achieve maximum benefits of raw honey.
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Raw Honey: Nectar Unpolluted and not Cooked to Death

Thursday, November 01st, 2007

The benefits of honey are found only in raw honey. Raw Honey is honey that has not had heat applied greater than the heat of the beehive. Raw honey is not a medley of honey, wax, propolis, and pollen. Although raw honey may have traces of these hive components, it should not have more than a trace of each.

Pure raw honey should not be heated by the beekeeper over 120 degrees. This will insure that the vitamins and enzymes will be viable and that the body will be able to assimilate this food source and enjoy the health benefits of the honey.

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