Raw Honey: What’s the difference?

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Raw Honey: The best honey for your health.

Thursday, November 01st, 2007

Raw Honey is very different from commercially processed honey. Millions of pounds of honey are blended, pasteurized and produced each year by large and small honey packers alike. This is this safest and fastest method to preserve the beekeepers product. It is not the best honey for your health. Honey is heated to 145°F for thirty minutes to pasteurize, killing enzymes, causing 20% of the vitamins to be lost , and irreversible denaturation of proteins and glucose oxidase. Third degree burns are caused by 140°F of heat.

It is extremely difficult, time consuming and costly to handle honey at lower temperatures. The lower the temperature of honey the slower it flows. Therefore rather than charge more for raw honey, the beekeeper chooses to not produce raw honey at all. After all, raw honey and cooked honey looks the same, tastes similar and therefore the health benefits are disregarded and we have “pure honey” on the grocer’s shelf that tastes the same no matter which chain sells it or which producer bottled the honey. There are no standardized government requirements or honey organization guidelines for labeling Raw Honey. There are some “raw honey” producers that bottle their honey at 140°F. Most of the enzymes are killed and the nutritional valve reduced. There are some that pack comb honey in pasteurized honey and call it “Raw Honey”, (If you could take the comb out of the liquid honey and allow to drain then consume only the uncapped honey in the comb, you would have attained raw honey.)

RAW HONEY is rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidant compounds and benificial enzymes that allows for proper calcium absorption, effective carbohydrate assimilation, prebiotics for friendly bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, lowering plasma insulin levels, decreases plasma prostaglandin concentrations, greatly reducing risks of a barrage of illnesses from allergies to heart disease.

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Raw Honey: Nectar Unpolluted and not Cooked to Death

Thursday, November 01st, 2007

The benefits of honey are found only in raw honey. Raw Honey is honey that has not had heat applied greater than the heat of the beehive. Raw honey is not a medley of honey, wax, propolis, and pollen. Although raw honey may have traces of these hive components, it should not have more than a trace of each.

Pure raw honey should not be heated by the beekeeper over 120 degrees. This will insure that the vitamins and enzymes will be viable and that the body will be able to assimilate this food source and enjoy the health benefits of the honey.

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