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Raw Honey Why Raw

Thursday, April 02nd, 2009

Raw Honey is preferred raw by a growing number of consumers. Raw honey is preferred over processed honey for the same reasons raw vegetables are preferred over cooked vegetables. Vitamins, nutrients and enzymes beneficial to the body are present and easily assimilated from raw honey. Processed honey (honey that has been heated over 119 degrees) has had these natural nutrients destroyed before the honey is packed in the jar.

Scientist now agree that our intake of raw foods reduce the free radical buildup in the body, decrease aging, builds a disease free healthier body and mind and reduces unwanted fat deposits. Raw honey is one food source that has unlimited uses in our diet. The miscreants, refined white sugar, refined white salt and bleached white flour, have suffocated digestive tracts, clogged circulatory systems causing disease and premature death. Raw honey has the ability to replace the sugar in every application of your diet. (Try natural sea salt and whole wheat flour products to eliminate the other two culprits. No blends should be used.) If you suffer from any gastrointestinal problems such as acid reflux, constipation, ulcers, colitis, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome then you should immediately consider a diet preclusion of the miscreants and START including RAW HONEY in your diet.

Raw Honey for good heart health is a perfect match. Muscle maintenance needs minerals and vitamins that are both found in raw honey. Treat your body to the best natural raw food known to man, RAW HONEY. A source for gourmet raw honey is N-ergetics.com

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